08 April 2010

Hard to Believe

"Avec la SNCF, tout est possible."

Yeah right, France, you suck. I am no less than fed up with this constant drama queen-ing around, starting strikes and riots because you're all bored with your sorry bourgeois lives, or lack there-of.

Enough of the brooding and sulking, Angevins, Parisiens, French all over. You're making my Spring Break plans a hot mess and after half of a semester of hard work, I am ready for 15 days of well-earned repose.

It's times like these where I begin to miss the lazy atmosphere that is the United States - we all whine and complain like the stereotypical American, but the majority of us are either too afraid or too lazy to make any progress toward a problem. So, yes, France, your economy is overflowing with success, your social security plan looks to have succeeded far beyond that of our own country, your language is beautiful and your bread and wine delicious - but MY country sucks less, and you're all going to die of lung cancer anyway.


Just a little rant before the break, now I bid you all good morrow !

::short interjection::

To celebrate a long-awaited happy ending of an episode, my quote today comes from the best show ever created : CHUCK
The picture posted above is one from my past weekend at Paris. Imagine that plus a crazed look of excitement, and you've got my expression for the next episode of the show. I'm so excited for Chuck parties upon my return to the US.

"Chuck, I fell in love with you after you fixed my phone and before you started defusing bombs with computer viruses."
-Sarah Walker, Chuck


  1. Yeah, la poste m'adore et je lui rend bien. Les grèves m'adore également, mais tous ça n'empêchera pas mon angevine/américaine/à-moitié-française préférée de venir s'emplir les poumons du "bon air du jardin de Merry".
    A charge de revange,
    "Avec la SNCF, tout est possible"