08 May 2010

Home Stretch

Hokay kids

This is Corrie not having a story. Technically that isn't true, but technically I can't tell you what's going on ! It's exciting, I'll leave it at that.

In other news, I've decided to name what is left of my stay in Angers as the home stretch - less than a month until my two weeks in Paris, and then I'm back to the States.

On that note, here is what I'm looking forward to :
1. Completing the list
2. Family
4. Sherlock Holmes
5. Next semester
b. Being an RA
d. Learning German
e. Switching my major...again.
6. A summer full of water gun fights, pictures and long walks with the coolest people
7. Cuddle-off

I'm going to miss :
1. Hearing French on a regular basis
2. Being only an hour and a half away from Merry, Guillo and all my other Asnieres-ian friends
3. Real bread
4. Being legally allowed to buy wine for lunch
5. Speaking French every single day, to people who can actually help me improve
6. My host family and the little city of Angers
7. This entire experience and my friends from the Catho

Keeping them short because I've got a nasty case of ADD currently. No worries.

Maybe these lists seem early to come, but with the quickly approaching finals and pre-finals, I have no idea when I'll be able to do this next.

Why did I have to test into a level at the Catho where my classes aren't a joke ? I appreciate the challenge and the progress these classes are forcing me to accomplish as far as my French goes, but really ? That's not fair. I don't want real work in all 21 hours of my schedule.

And, oh yeah. France, you're still RUDE.

Not only does the bus system and train company go on strike every, what is it, two hours, but the post office does too now ? Thank goodness for precautionary people sending packages/tickets/lighters days early to ensure the items' safe and timely arrival.

I'm going to wear sunglasses a lot this summer.
And get freckley and blonde.

I like a U2 song. I think I'm breathing in too much pollution or something when I ride my bike to school everyday. Something is seriously wrong with me.

Speaking of my bike. Also rude. I re-rented it, regardless of the fact that I'm almost more turned off by it. You know why ? My ride to school every morning is about 10 km. For those of you who believe in American, that's about 6.2 miles. To school. Same back. As if I wasn't already reluctant to go out at night from time to time. Oh geez.

I swear, if my legs aren't ripped by the end, I will be super pissed and whine about it for a while.

Paris next week !

I've been in France for such a long time !

I miss my mom. [I miss video games.]

I was pretty emo in high school. I stumbled across some of my Facebook notes. Thank goodness I fell out of that phase.

And thanks Mom, for showing me the pictures of me after my surgery the other day. As if it wasn't traumatic going through it and realizing how horrendous I looked, you took pictures and showed me when I got out of the hospital. And then again. Gross. Glad that's over too !

I'm missing a rib.

Okay, I'm leaving. Laterzzzzzz.

-Will Rogers

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