25 March 2010

Slightly Obsessed?

Being in love with that which you are passionate about isn't a bad thing, right? Even though I often feel part of a cult, running through the choreographed moves of an AIESEC dance without a thought of my next step, basking in the glory that is my family, it's worth it. Every second I spend with AIESEC, whether it be my chapter from home or another one from a random country is a second I know I'll cherish for many years to come.

With the sentiments out of the way, I can only warn you about the exorbitant amount of excitement aching to leak from my brain onto this godforsaken blog.

First things first, I can't help myself - NEXT YEAR IS GOING TO ROCK. I realize I've mentioned this, but after Tuesday night / Wednesday morning, my enthusiasm has multiplied beyond what I imagined was possible. The cause? My new role in AIESEC, as VPOGX.

Boo-yah, France, you have been trumped.

As if winning the position wasn't enough, the experience left me feeling ecstatic before even knowing the results. I guess it's natural - after not seeing some of my favorite people in the world for weeks or months, they were all in the same room, crowded around the computer in greeting. I started out slightly anxious, apprehensive for my quickly approaching speech for candidacy, but my nerves were immediately calmed at the sight of Nick, LoBo, Savs, Ash, Ryan, Sam, Will, Ambuh, Steverson, Sarah, Robyn, Keiko and the rest of my AIESEC Kansas family. I was a little shaken at the beginning of my speech, until I realized that I was far too tired to be such and remembered who I was talking to. I have to admit, the worst part was probably knowing that my face was projected onto a large screen for the entire LC. I normally wouldn't have a problem with that, but let's face it - I make strange faces. And it was 2h30 chez moi.

No matter. The experience was worth it and left me feeling refreshed and even more pumped for the year to come.

After such a wonderful mid-week happening, it was bound to continue being a great couple of days. Sure, I made a couple stupid mistakes on some tests, but my mindset remains optimistic for the future - after all, I'm going to Paris this weekend.

Can I get a 'hellz yeah' ?
[this is where you either say uh, no, or play along. For my sake, we'll pretend you're doing the latter.]

So. I'm happy. To put it lightly. I'm ready to see my silly AsniĆØres-ian friends and tell them all about my slight, but necessary and totally appropriate obsession with AIESEC. Not that they don't already have an idea - but once more surely can't hurt.

@ly for today, I bid you all a lovely evening.

"You make me understand how wonderful it is for little lizards when they find that one special rock that's perfect for sunning themselves on. You make me lizard-happy."
- Randy K. Milholland

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